Scuba Diving in Navarino Bay

You can begin here at our school that offers various courses for PADI certifications for beginners. More experienced divers will also find appropriate courses available. We offer a professional and appropriate learning environment with our divers’ safety as our top priority. DAN insurance is available for beginner courses upon request.

We are located close to many diving sites that offer something for divers of any level. Average visibility is 30 meters or more in summer and the average water temperature is about 24ºC, although we dive year-round. Our sites include unspoiled reefs and rich underwater walls (18-60m), which are homes to such species as sea turtles, eels, rays, groupers, snappers, starfish, makerel, and more.

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Sea Kayaking in Navarino Bay

The place / Navarino bay is a natural harbor very well protected from the weather of the open Ionian Sea by the island of Sfaktiria. Our trip is dedicated to explore the major sights of the beautiful bay. Within a landscape of incredible natural beauty we enjoy impressive rock formations and sea caves, warm, clear, blue waters and golden sandy beaches where sea turtles return to lay their eggs. Two medieval castles guard the bay reminding us the famous naval battle of Navarino outlining the rich naval history of the area.

The activity /Our trip starts from the marina near the amphitheatric town of Pylos. In the beginning, we have a briefing about the route we are about to follow and about the basic techniques in sea kayaking. We paddle around the bay with original destination the imposing monolithic islet of Pylos or Fanari with the impressive rock arch formed at the northern end. Weather permiting we circumnavigate the islet and visit the sea caves located around it. We continue to the island of Sfaktiria making a short stop at its southern tip for some rest, swiming and snorkeling. Heading north we explore the coastline of the island until we reach the dock leading to the inside of the island. At this lush part of the island we take a break to rest and enjoy a picnic with fruit and traditional delicacies. From that spot the whole bay of Navarino is at our feet. In this trip we will meet all the sights and the monuments dedicated to those who fought in the historic battle and will be informed about the outcome of this significant event in the course of history.

Surfing and Kite Surfing in Navarino Bay

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Hiking and Biking Tours

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In the western part of the county where the Ionian sea embraces the Messinian shore, we meet the lagoon of Yalova or Divari. The area being integrated into the environmental program natura 2000 is the largest wetland in southern Greece and offers shelter to wild migrating birds, which we have the opportunity to observe. Here lives the endangered African chameleon while numerous birds such as herons, kestrels, aegean seagulls, flamingos, ospreys, royal eagles and other migratory and endemic birds take shelter at this hospitable and safe environment.

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Following the path around the lagoon, we have the opportunity to observe its ecosystem and receive knowledge and information about this unique and sensitive natural environment. Along the way we cross the beautiful beach of Voidokoilia and then we go up the hill of the peninsula of Koryfasio. On our way we get the chance to explore the cave of Nestor, the mythical king of Pylos. At the top of the hill we discover the medieval castle of Paleocastro and we walk over its fortifications. We learn about the intense past history of the castle and that its strategic location made it a valuable trophy for every conqueror over time. At this point we discover the rare geomorphology, the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape. While standing between the waterland we enjoy the panoramic view of the Ionian Sea, the lagoon of Yalova, the beach of Voidokilia and the bay of Navarino.

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Boat rentals

We invite you to experience the natural beauties, private beaches and excellent fishing that the harbor of Pilos has to offer. Enjoy your adventure in complete privacy with the use of our boat rental service. Be your own captain! No license is required to drive the boat. As shown, boats are equipped with ladders and sun tents. You choose the length of your excursion by day or week.

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Glass Bottom Boat excursions

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