Day 1: Visit Pylos and enjoy a boat tour in Navarino Bay

= 10 minutes drive // 6 kilometers

Situated 6 kilometers from Zoe Seaside Resort lies the fabulous town of Pylos, just opposite Gialova, both located in Navarino Bay. The bay facing the Ionian Sea is protected by the Island of Sphfakteria, which forms a huge natural breakwater, now denuded of trees but forested in ancient times, 4.000 meters long. The bay has two openings: the Great Passage (Megalo Perasma) on the SW, where the boats entered and still pass today, 1.200 meters long, and the narrow and shallow opening of Sykia on the North, unsuitable for boats to pass – characteristic of the shallow and the small length is that from this opening, one can swim from the beach of Gialova (Bouka) on to the island of Sphfakteria.
In Imathoessa Pylos ( “Sandy Pylos” named after Homer), it was here that Nestor’s father Nileus, fled from Thessaly after quarrelling with his brother Pelias about who should succeed to the throne of Iolkos. Although it was founded by Pylos of Megara, the city of Pylos achieved such great prosperity and fame under Neleus that Homer refers to it as the city of Neleus. (Near the Palace of Nestor on the hill of Ano Englianos there are artifacts from Neleus palace). We visit Pylos in the morning, drink our coffee under the historic plane trees at the Three Admirals’ Square//Plateia Trion Navarchon (Codrington, de Rigny and Heiden) – named in memory of the Three Admirals who participated in the Navarino Battle, which took place on the 20th October 1827 and led to the liberation of the Greeks.
Then we head to Pylos’ Castle, also called Neokastro – originally built by the Ottomans with many phases of fortification – one of the most beautiful and well preserved castles in Greece. Inside the castle there are 2 museums: the Pylos Archaeological Museum and the Underwater Archaeological Museum. Afterwards and in cooperation with our reception we have arranged for you to hire a small boat from Pylos and explore Navarino Bay: Starting from the middle of the bay there is a low rocky islet, Chelonaki- make a stop there and visit it, at the top of it stands the monument in memory of the English who participated in the Battle of Navarino.
Then you can visit the Island of Sphfakteria and at the center of the Island of there is a small harbor where you can disembark and visit Sphfakteria and the Russian monument. There is also a carved Russian church – especially impressive. Moreover at the Grand Pass, on the southern edge of Sphfakteria, dominates the rocky tall islet of Tsichli – Baba, where the French monument is located. According to tradition, any woman who was pregnant and went through the opening gave birth to a boy.
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sfaktiria sunset
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If you are adventurous and enjoy good weather, come out of the bay from the Grand Passage and head South and visit Methoni with the stunning Sapienza, a rocky heart shaped island, and the picturesque village of Finikounta (Methoni-Finikounda-Koroni, you can also visit them by car // another day).

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Finish your one day bay boat tour and head north to the shallow pass of Sykia where all the organized beaches of Gialova are situated and relax before returning to Pylos.
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Day 2: Nestor’s Palace and Voidokilia beach

= 10 min drive // 10 km distance

10 km from Zoe Seaside Resort (10 minutes drive) on the hill of Ano Englianos you will find the best preserved Mycenaean palace, Nestor’s Palace, King of Pylos. It was 1.900 m2 and we find references in Homer’s third book of the Odyssey, describing the journey and hospitality of Telemachos, Odysseus’s son, who visited the palace to collect information on his missing father, who had never returned home after the end of the Trojan War. Moreover the kingdom of Nestor, extending as far as Mount Taygetos, was second only to Mycenae in power, prestige and wealth: Agamemnon, the leader of the Pan-Hellenic military expedition, send 100 ships to Troy, Nestor send 90! Walk through the palace and visit the magnificent vaulted tomb (next to the palace) as well as the town of Chora, where the palace museum, the Museum of Chora, is located – with mainly findings from the vaulted tombs of the area. Then, combine your day with swimming, as it is imperative to find yourself in the stunning and widely advertised Voidokilia beach! 10 minutes from the palace (on the way back to the Zoe Seaside Resort – the signs will lead you) is the famous Voidokilia. Clearly the only place that the king of Pylos could have moored his ships was somewhere on the sandy beach of the bay or in Voidokilia, that Telemachos, son of the king of Ithaca, Odysseus, disembarked on his visit to Nestor to discover why his father’s return to his homeland was delayed.
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Tips: Do not forget to be equipped with water and an umbrella during your visit to Voidokilia as being an area of natural beauty it does not have a Beach Bar. There are organized beaches nearby: Petrochori Beach and Romanos Beach.
Activities 2
romanou staxia
beach bar πετροχωρι
beach bar ρωμανού
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Day 3: Visit Ancient Messini and Polylimnio Waterfalls

Anchient Messini = 1 hour 10 minutes // 60 km distance

Polylimnio Waterfalls = 20 minutes // 15 km distance

It took centuries for the Messinian region to regain the glory and power of the Mycenaean period, it is important to note that from the 8th to the 4th century BC. Messinia was subjugated by the Spartans (4 Messinian’s wars). Nevertheless, the year 369 BC Messinia, with the help of Thebes and General Epaminondas, was liberated by the Spartan and its freedom was sealed with the creation of a new capital at the foot of Mount Ithomi: Ithomi or Messana // Messini. This important city still stands today and is one of the most important monuments in Greece as it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Completely restored by the great archaeologist and professor Mr. Petros Themelis, protected by its walls, embracing the Ithomi Mountains – with the acropolis at the top of the hill – it has much to reveal to us: the theater, the fountain, the agora//city market, the Gymnasium, the Stadium, the Palaestra,- all reconstructed from materials found in situ, under the guidance of Professor Themelis, who has been working in the site since 1982. After wandering around the area (this will take at least an hour) make a stop at the small but very valuable Museum of Ancient Messini and then to the unique village taverna, which overlooks the entire archaeological site from its balcony – with stunning views. On the way back and in the center of Kazarma village, you will see signs pointing to the fabulous waterfalls of Polylimnio. Then, by walking a small and properly landscaped path for 5-10 minutes, passing through dense vegetation and with the help of picturesque wooden bridges, you will find yourself in a hidden paradise of small lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. In total there are 15 lakes with various strange names such as Mavrolimna, Kadi, Kadoula, Tychero, Italian, Panagos, Stathoula, which compose a landscape that you have never seen before! From the very first moments, Polylimnio steals the show and you really feel like you’re in the fairy land! Tips: If heading to Ancient Messini, start your trip early as the summer months are really hot in the site. Be sure to bring a hat and proper sneakers with you. For Polylimnio you should wear shoes that do not slip (not flip flops) and have a swimsuit and towel with you!
mesini ancient θεατρο
mesini ancient αγορα
μεσσηνη σταδιο
Day 4: Hiking and cycling: Lagoon - Paleokastro and Bouka beach

= 15 minutes cycling distance from Zoe Seaside Resort // 4 km distance

The day starts with bike rentals (ask at our reception for information) and within 4 km of Zoe Seaside Resort you will find yourselves in stunning Gialova Lagoon with over 270 species of birds, either staying in the lagoon all year or doing a short stop on their trip to the South. The area, due to the rarity and diversity of birds, has been designated an area of great natural beauty and is protected by the NATURA 2000 Convention. Walk/ride through the lagoon – the photos you will take will reward you.
1 αντλιοστασιο
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After 10 minutes with your bike, find yourself at the foot of the hill marking the northern end of the Navarino Bay. Drop off your bicycles and climb the hill following the trail. By reaching the top of the hill you will find yourselves in front of the imposing Palaiokastro (built by the Franks) and a breathtaking view: in front of you lies Voidokilia beach, Gialova lagoon and the entire Navarino bay…
Just below Palaiokastro, on the side overlooking Voidokilia beach, is Nestor’s famous cave – where in ancient times the King Nestor kept his oxen.
You can either go down the hill to Voidokilia beach and swim there or go down the same path that you went up the hill and find yourselves again in the Navarino bay, at the Narrow Passage of Sykia – the beach of Bouka with crystal clear waters: from here you can swim across the island of Sphfakteria. Tips: As hiking in Palaiokastro is risky we recommend that you consult us and book a guide/escort for this route. If you still wish to explore by yourselves, do not forget to bring appropriate shoes (not open or flip flops), hat, sunscreen and water.
απο μπουκα scaled
Day 5: Golf and Tennis

= 10 minutes // 3 km

If you are interested in the most sophisticated sports ask us at the Reception and we will gladly book an appointment at the nearest Golf course and Tennis court. Tips: Do not forget to bring the appropriate sports equipment as well as appropriate clothing.
Day 6: Kayaking and Scuba Diving

= 10 minutes distance // 6 km

For sports addicts, kayaking on the Navarino Bay is the perfect way to avoid getting bored on the holidays – ask us at the Reception and we will be happy to book the activity for you. The program starts from Pylos and includes 30 minutes of preparation time, 2-2.5 hours of kayaking, 1-1.5 hours of free lunch, rest, snorkeling, swimming, diving and other activities. Tips: Suitable for the whole family (children must be accompanied by their parents). Don’t forget to bring with you: Bottle of water, hat, short-sleeve t-shirt, sun cream, beach towel, another set of clothes, swimwear and an extra pair of shoes to replace what gets wet. Suitable for light sneakers, flip flops, sandals or sneakers. Avoid bulky shoes. For extreme sports enthusiasts, we can recommend diving in the Navarino Bay – ask us for more information and for booking an appointment!
deep scuba
Day 7: Zoe Seaside Resort
You have to dedicate at least one day to us!! Enjoy your late breakfast and coffee under the plane trees; visit our beach, pool and restaurant. Ask us to make an appointment with our external partners for a relaxing or athletic massage from a professional physiotherapist or even a professional chiropractor. If you are visiting Zoe Seaside Resort with your family and want a relaxing day off, an outside educator can, at your request, spend as much time with your kids with creative activities as possible. Finally, book your table at our restaurant, Natura Restaurant by Zoe Seaside Resort, enjoy your candlelight dinner on the backdrop of Pylos and the bay of Navarino…
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