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Visit the waterfalls of Messinia

Many valleys cut through the hills covered by olive groves and natural vegetation around Gialova, and some of them hide wonderful waterfalls, such as the Kalamari waterfall by Schinolaka (the closest to Gialova), Polilimnio by Kazarma and the waterfall of Valta near Gargalianoi. All these waterfalls can be easily visited on foot along footpaths that

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Gialova Lagoon

Explore the Gialova Lagoon: A Bird Paradise

The Gialova Lagoon, just a short walk away along the beach from Zoe Resort, is a brackish water coastal wetland. The Gialova Lagoon is notable, not only for its historical importance and the beautiful views but also for being the first important Balkan wetland that migratory birds come across in their return journey from Africa.

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Guided Tours from Zoe Resort

Visit the Castles of the Area In the area of the Southwestern Peloponnese there are several Frankish, Turkish and Venetian castles, some of them remarkably well preserved, like the Paleokastro and Neokastro (translated into old and new castles) of Pylos, and the castles of Methoni and Koroni. From either a historical, a cultural or an

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